When referring to ourselves we use the term Craft Beer Nerd. To us this isn’t an insult, it’s a compliment.

As much fun as drinking a beer is, we love knowing about where and how it was made, what with and if it is “true to style”.

This isn’t to say we sit at the bar and pontificate about it. We might engage in a little discussion and then we get on with it and talk about whatever else is happening that day. It’s a fun part of going out for a beer, but it’s not everything.

What’s really enjoyable is that the more you get into it, the more you learn.

Compared to when we first started drinking craft beer we know so much more. We’ve been to breweries and had brewers walk us through the process.

We’ve tried styles we had never heard of a few years ago.

We’ve even tried making our own.

If you think craft beer drinkers are passionate, talk to some homebrewers sometime. They know everything they can possibly find out about their hobby. Some of the most experimental brewing techniques and flavour combinations aren’t made in a brewery, but in a home brewer’s garage set up or home kitchen.

It’s all just a bit of fun, really. That’s the most important thing.

When you’re so interested in something that you want to learn all about, it’s not boring – it’s exciting!

They say ‘The geeks shall inherit the Earth’. If comic book geeks are now revered because of their knowledge of expansive back stories, then surely knowing all about brewing raw materials, the brewing process and beer styles (without being a tool about it) is cool too?

Well, we like to think so anyway.

Are you a craft beer nerd?


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