When you first start considering brewing your own beer at home it can be overwhelming. The range of styles, equipment and methods are huge. Endless websites, forums and stores that giving advice and selling setups from cheap to needing a mortgage to pay off don’t help either.

When you look at them you may think you’re ready to dive in and get straight to extract brewing or even all grain. This might be true. The concepts are simple when you break it down into steps. Having said that though, the best way to start, regardless of skill level is with a Beer Brewing Kit.

Here’s why:


If you are putting a toe in the water of homebrew, you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on your first kit. Beginner kits like those made by Coopers or Mr. Beer aren’t too expensive. The great thing about them is that everything you get is used again even once you advance your technique. Usual inclusions are a fermenter, malt extract and possibly bottles, hydrometer and thermometer.


Homebrew kits are a simple way to start. Mix hopped extract some extra fermentables and water, add yeast and a few weeks later you have beer. It’s easy.

If something goes wrong, you haven’t lost five or six hours like you would with an all grain brew. As upsetting as it is that you’ve lost a batch of beer – it is most likely down to one or two possible causes. A valuable learning without losing too much time.


If there is one thing a kit teaches you, it’s how to clean your equipment. Every instruction manual or video that comes with the kit will stress how important it is. It’s a good thing too as lack of cleaning and sterilization leads to infection of your brew.

It’s a gateway to bigger and better brews 

You can make small tweaks to make a kit beer your own. When you’re ready, start trying new yeasts or dry hopping your brew to add hop aroma.

It might seem simple but it’s a great way to learn the basics. Grab a kit and you’ll be drinking home brewed beer in a few weeks.


For the lowdown on Beer Brewing Kits go to our review page.

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