The ‘S’ in this ESB could also stand for sessionable. At 4% ABV you can enjoy a few of these malt driven English Style Ales and still hold a decent conversation.

All the ingredients are clickable links.

ABV: 4%              IBU: 43                SRM: 9                OG: 1.046                         FG: 1.014


Makes 5 gallons


Muntons Amber Malt                                 6.6 lb.



Fuggles (4.5%AA)            60min                 2 oz.

Fuggles (4.5%AA)            15min                   1 oz.



Safale S-04


Water (60 min Boil)                                     6 gal


Bring water to 180F, add extract slowly and stir until dissolved.

Bring to a rolling boil and add hops as specified.

Cool with wort chiller to between 64-75F. Transfer to fermenter and add yeast.


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