A little lighter in color due to single grain. Bitter with floral and slight citrus flavor and aroma, typical of cascade hops.

ABV: 7%                  IBU: 66                SRM: 5                OG: 1.061                        FG: 1.009

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Makes 5 gallons


Pale 2-Row                                                    11lb



Cascade (7%AA)              60min                 2 oz.

Cascade (7%AA)              10min                 2 oz.

Cascade (7%AA)              Whirlpool           1 oz.



Safale US-05



Mash (160⁰F)                                                5 gal

Sparge (158⁰F)                                              2 ⅓  gal


Bring 5 gallons of water to 160°F. Add water and grain to mash tun and hold at a minimum of 152°F for one hour. Drain a sample of wort into jug (it will be cloudy) and pour back into mash. Repeat until wort sample is no longer cloudy. Once wort is clear start transfer to kettle.

Add 2 ⅓   gallons of water (sparging) at 158°F evenly and gently to the grain bed once it is visible. Allow to transfer to kettle.

For brew in a bag, add 6 ⅓ gallons at 160⁰F to pot and add grains in bag. After an hour at a minimum of 152°F lift grains out and put in strainer or colander above pot. Rinse with 1 gallon of water at 158°F to rinse additional extract into pot.


Bring to a rolling boil and add hops as specified.

Cool with wort chiller to between 64-75F. Transfer to fermenter and add yeast.

If you don’t have a wort chiller, exclude 10 minute and whirlpool hops and transfer to fermenter. Allow to cool to between 64-75F before adding yeast. Consider dry hopping 2 ounces for flavor.

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